Tournaments in Czech Republic

The convenient geographical location of the Czech Republic in the middle of Europe gives opportunity to play both Czech and international tournaments. The first tennis club in the Czech Republic was already established in 1893. There are around 177 tennis clubs with more than 1,000 tennis courts in Prague.  Excellent training conditions provide great opportunities for development of young tennis players and also they attract tennis players from foreign countries. It is very comfortable to participate in all international tournaments around Europe as there is no need to open additional visas as the Czech Republic is a member of the Schengen zone. Nexus tennis academy has opportunity to participate in any Czech and European tournament.

On the territory of the Czech Republic tournaments are organized for all age groups. Every year during the outdoor season (April - September) there are around 1200 tournaments and during the winter (indoor) season (December-March) there are around 300 tournaments.


Age group structures of the Czech tournaments

  • Children under 10 years
  • Younger boys and girls up to 12 years (mladsi zactvo)
  • Older boys and girls up to 14 years (starsi zactvo)
  • Juniors from 14-18 years (dorost)
  • Adults (dospeli)


Czech tournaments organization

Each player plays everyday 2 singles and 2 doubles. The tournament lasts usually around 3 days. If you lose, you can move immediately to another tournament.


On the Czech tennis association website (WWW.CZTENIS.CZ) you can look for the tournaments schedule. If you go to the website, first you have to choose the age of the child. For example if your child is 11 years old click ‘’mladsi zactvo’’. Then click on the word jednotlivci (which means individuals) and you will see the tournaments schedule for current year.

By playing tournaments you can gain experience which you would never be able to gain during the training and practice matches. Our tennis academy organizes the participation for our students in the Czech and international tournaments. In the Czech Republic there are excellent conditions to enhance your skills and level of playing.

If you have question about participating in tournaments don’t be afraid to call us. We would be always happy to help you!