NEXUS tennis academy program

Nexus tennis academy offers high-quality tennis training programs and creates the most favorable training conditions for the athletes.

Our program includes:

Teaching of all tennis strokes

Explanation of strategy and tactics

Mental training

Trainings with no more than 2 tennis players on one court

5-6 training days per week (everyday consist of 2 to 3 training sessions)

Physical conditioning

Video analysis

Rehabilitation (Swimming, Sauna, Massage)

The entertainment program of Nexus tennis academy includes aqua park visits, sightseeing of historical monuments in Prague and Czech Republic.

In our academy players acquire skills gradually from elementary technique to more  advanced technique. Our goal is to develop a technique that reflects the real match situations so that player can efficiently use acquired skills during matches.

Training day schedule

6:20  Wake up
6:30 6:55   Morning warm up
7:00 7:30  Breakfast
8:00 9:30  Tennis training
10:30 11:00   Small Lunch
11:00 12:00  Break
12:00 13:00  Lunch
14:00 15:30   Tennis training 
16:30 18:30  Physical training
19:00 20:00   Dinner
21:30   Time off