Physical conditioning

Physical conditioning is an essential part of any sport. In order to do tennis specific conditioning it is essential to have different types of equipment. Our academy owns equipment which was designed specifically for tennis and can speed up the learning process and also improves the physical and technical aspects of an athlete. In order to achieve peak performance, the player must train in such a way so that at the same time he/she reaches peak in several parameters (technique, tactics, physical conditioning, mental training…….).  Simply put, in today’s tennis if you want to be a great player it is not enough only to play tennis and ignore other aspects in preparation. In order to reach the peak performance of an athlete it is required from 8 to 12 years of general and special training. Without good physical conditioning it would be impossible to reach desired performance. Just a game of tennis will not develop all needed physical aspects. Coordination, agility, speed, power, reaction, balance and strength are the most important components on which players should focus their efforts during the physical conditioning training as they are not developed effectively enough during tennis trainings.